next steps

Sometimes it can be difficult to grow in your relationship with Christ and integrate into a new church family. Here at Foundation we want to help you with those next steps. Join us at Pizza with the Pastor, find a Life Group, and find a place to serve.

1) pizza with the pastor

A special luncheon for guests and new members. Come enjoy some pizza with the church staff and hear a brief presentation of the history, vision and mission of Foundation, followed by an explanation of our church vows/expectations. Childcare is provided at registration.


2) Life Groups

Although we encourage worship service attendance, it can be hard to connect with others in that type of large group setting. Life Groups are our primary vehicle for discipleship, so we strongly encourage everyone to join a group. Our groups meet on almost every night of the week, and several meet on Sunday. All are off-campus, in member’s homes. Take a look at your schedule to see which meeting time is best for you, and then fill out the Life Group interest form. You can also contact the church directly, and we will put you in touch with the leadership of the group you are interested in joining.

3) serve

A part of being a follower of Christ is serving Him and the church. Here at Foundation, we have many opportunities to serve, but we find it's helpful to know how you are gifted in order to find just the right place for you. As Christians, the Holy Spirit gives us spiritual gifts to help us serve Him and the church. Take a moment and complete this Spiritual Gifts Test. There are no wrong answers, and it will help you see exactly how God has gifted you. We find it's also helpful to see how God has shaped your personality. We love the Enneagram here at Foundation, so please take a moment to take this free assessment, and then discovery what your type means. Once you know how you are gifted and what personality you have, contact the church office to learn more about service opportunities here at Foundation.

4) ministry safe training

Once you take a spiritual gifts test and decide where you would like to serve, all volunteers are expected to go through Ministry Safe Training. Ministry Safe is a third party training we use to equip volunteers. It's important for every church to protect children, youth, and vulnerable adults from sexual abuse, but it's just as important to make sure all volunteers are protected. In order to serve with children, youth, or vulnerable adults, every volunteer MUST be interviewed, complete a background check, and complete online sexual abuse prevention training.