Based on guidelines adopted as part of the Healthy Church Initiative, we have two governing bodies.  One is the Leadership Board and the second is the Lay Leadership Committee.

  • Leadership boaRD

    Class of 2017: Maura Ortiz, Ron Yandell, Marleea Crittendon, Rob Frazier, Paul South

    Class of 2018: Pam Mathews, Wayne Halbrook, Kathy Wilson, Linda Hankins, Gene Elphingstone

    Class of 2019: Joe Tucker, Ashley Williams, Richard Bean, John Moseley, Diedhre Smack

    2017 Ministry Assignments:

    Trustees: Ron Yandell, Gene Elphingstone, Kathy Wilson, Wayne Halbrook, John Moseley

    SPR (Staff-Parish Relations): Maura Ortiz, Joe Tucker, Marleea Crittenden, Diedhre Smack, Pam Mathews

    Finance: Rob Frazier, Linda Hankins, Richard Bean, Paul South, Ashley Williams

  • LAY LEADERSHIP (nominations)

    Mary Hunt, Ron Henderson, John Erwin, Gayla Herschler, Kent Smith, Jacky Dumas, Nancy Halbrook

    2017 Lay Delegates: Richard & Gayla Herschler