Jesus' last command to us before he ascended into heaven was to "as you are going, make disciples"....one of the ways we do this is through building relational bridges with our neighbors.  We gain the opportunity to share the good news by engaging with those in our community and developing lasting relationships.


We subscribe to the Welcome Wagon service which puts our information in the hands of 50-60 of the closest new move-ins,   We follow-up with a personal welcome by delivering a bag of church-branded goodies, as well as information that helps them settle into the neighborhood.  

community involvement

Our involvement in the community surrounding us is a means of building bridges with the people we encounter on a daily basis.  Every activity is intended to introduce or reinforce an awaremenss of our body of  believers here at Foundation.

Some of those activities, and their point of contact, are:

TurtleFest - sponsored by the Belton Kiwanis club,  a fun day of activities, craft booths, and educational opportunities for parents & children.  

4th Of July Parade - voted one of the best patriotic parades in the country, filled with floats, marching bands, and local celebrities. Contact Monique Sharp for more info.

Chamber of Commerce Events - as members of the Temple chamber we are able to participate in various conferences and expos, where we network with other area businesses, creating relationships with area businessmen.   If interested in this area of ministry, contact Carol Senkel at 512-431-6886

fifth sunday OUTreach

On alternating 5th Sundays we reach out to our neighbors with some encouragement.  It might be delivering goodie bags to employess of local businesses who work on Sunday, or purchasing coffee at a local convenience store and serving it to customers.  The method gets as creative as the folks who participate.

For further details, call the church office at 254-780-9673.